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We pretty much checked into our hotel room and then headed straight out to the restaurant where we were spending the evening; a place called Cornet, located on Bourbon Street.

Since most of the roads were blocked off and filled with crowds of people, we decided to walk to Bourbon Street, which is about a mile away from the hotel.

I was pretty tired from our flight and so at first, the chaos on the streets was a lot to take in.

Everything from biblical groups preaching and carrying wooden crosses, to carts peddling poop emoji pillows lined the sidewalks.

In between, thousands of party goers weaved in and out of the streets. This chaos seemed to go on forever.

It didn’t matter if you took a left turn or a right turn, you could be sure that the next street would be filled with people.

Of course there were beads everywhere. Hanging off the trees, the street lights and almost all of the traffic signs. As we walked, even more beads were raining down from the sky!

Policemen stood by barricades near the parade routes, and rode through the crowds of people on horses. I cringed a few times when I saw drunk people reach out to pet the horses as they rode by. For starters, they’re lucky they didn’t get kicked. Second of all, I felt bad for the horse being in the middle of all that rowdiness.

Once we got to Cornet, we went upstairs where we had balcony access, open bar, a Cajun style buffet, and something like 3 pounds of beads to toss off the balcony. Cornet has a large corner balcony that felt quite spacious and provided the perfect spot to people watch.

We had our first drink within minutes of arriving and then made our way over to the food station, which included a bunch of options like seafood gumbo, jubilee shrimp, and rice & beans.

Being tired, I appreciated having a quiet environment that still allowed us to participate in the action on the streets below. We ended up hanging out on the balcony for quite a while, drinking alcoholic beverages and enjoying the food and the view. We threw a bunch of beads off of the balcony and laughed at the mild debauchery that ensued.

Eventually, the crowds started to die down a bit, and sometime around last call, we headed back to the hotel for some much needed sleep.

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