The move to Hotel Morgana this afternoon was relatively painless, despite still being sick. Even with all of our luggage, we could have walked, but given my flu like condition we decided to cab it.

Like our most previous hotel across from the train station, Morgana is run down and feels like stepping into a time warp. The warm hospitality at check in however, combined with the fresh air from our balcony, is creating a sense of calm and all I want to do is lie down and sleep off the rest of this sore throat/cold. Our balcony overlooks a small winery and some green mountains in the distance. There is also an in-ground pool in the courtyard, but it’s too cold to swim in this time of year. Instead, it is a gathering spot for guests to sip their cappuccinos.

I’m anxious to start exploring this little town and all the local shops and restaurants, but for now…rest.

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