After spending a little over a week in Connecticut where the temperature never got above freezing, I’m glad to be back in warm-weathered Puerto Rico!

Don’t get me wrong; I absolutely loved being in the snow (I got to go skiing twice, which was totally awesome!) I was even a little sad to be leaving during the front end of another crazy snow storm since I thought it would be fun to go sledding (or start a snowball fight)…

But, the beach is pretty awesome too and I’ve definitely grown to love PR for that reason among others. For instance, I don’t think I’ll ever get tired of watching palm trees sway in the wind, and I’m starting to lose count of how many times I’ve looked up to the sky to see a beautiful, double-arched rainbow like the one I took in the photo below.

Postcard from Puerto Rico_20140123_234515

(Photo above taken from my balcony using the JetBlue postcard app.)

Puerto Rico Double Arched Rainbow Isla Verde-DSC09690

(Photo above taken about a week and a half ago in Old San Juan/Viejo San Juan. #NoFilter ) I used the panoramic function on my camera- can you believe that double arched rainbow?