Princess Cay Island port-of-call cancelled, due to bad weather!

Today we were supposed to dock at Princess Cays, a private island owned by the Princess Cruise Lines that offers all sorts of really fun water activities.

We were signed up for our first attempt at windsurfing.

We were going to be awesome.

So awesome that the instructors were going to comment on how amazed they were that this was our first time windsurfing. The other students in the class were going to nod their heads in agreement and wish they were as cool as us.

I mean we were really going to kick some butt!

Unfortunately, due to tropical storm Kate getting all crazy and inching in on the island, we had to cancel our first stop and sail onward to Saint Thomas, meaning we would be at sea for an extra day.

To pass the time, I made a visit to the library and checked out the novel Drop Dead Beautiful by one of my favorite authors, Jackie Collins. I brought it back to the room along with a cappuccino and spent the day out on the balcony enjoying the sound of the ocean. Thankfully the storm was off in the distance, so it was still (mostly) sunny – but with a nice warm breeze…

As usual, Jackie Collins didn’t disappoint; Drop Dead Beautiful was every part the thrilling novel that I expected it to be. Meaning it included all of the requisite thrills: sex, lies, and murders intertwined with the lives of the rich and famous.

It was literally, the most relaxing and perfect day…


In the evening, the boo and I over indulged on a tasty pre fix meal where I had my favorite go-to salad (Classic Caesar with anchovies), a Surf & Turf (grilled shrimp with a filet mignon cooked medium-rare, served on top of asparagus, roasted potatoes and soft carrots), and a Shrimp & Rice dish served with steamed bok choy.

There was no room for dessert. Besides, I still have not made use of that beautiful gym, or that awesome running track on the top deck yet, so I  kind of need to be careful here or I can easily put on about ten pounds!

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