Twenty eight. That’s how many dishes I sampled during my stay at Grand Hotel Billia. And that’s not even including breakfast, which consisted of a buffet fit for a king! To say I’m on a sensory overload, would be an understatement. To think that I won’t possibly put on ten pounds from overindulgence would be wishful thinking. Ten pounds, or not, I don’t regret a single bite.

Some of my favorite dishes were the beef tartare, served in a whipped buffalo cream sauce with a side of large, on the stem capers; the stacked eggplant with roasted tomatoes, melted buffalo mozzarella and basil; a savory flan made with mushrooms, sage and roasted tomato; and the grilled salmon with a balsamic vinegar reduction.

Dining at Grand Hotel Billia-DSC01015 Dining at Grand Hotel Billia-DSC01132 Dining at Grand Hotel Billia-DSC01147

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