This month has been a crazy month as far as travel goes! Week one started out in Las Vegas, followed by a day trip to Hammonasset Beach, followed by a four day trip to Canada to see Niagra Falls for the first time. After returning from Canada, I spent several days in New York City, followed by a week in Puerto Rico, only to fly back to Connecticut for a weekend, before heading back to Puerto Rico this morning! Whew…are you tired yet? I know I am!

Growing up, I never in a million years, would have thought that this would be my life. I’ve always loved to travel and dreamt that I would one day, be an avid traveler, but I had no idea it would be to this extent!

I remember, as a kid, watching one of my favorite TV shows, Fraggle Rock, and being completely intrigued by the character, Uncle Travelling Matt, who would go on these crazy adventures and share his stories with the rest of the Fraggles. Of course, he always misinterpreted the things he encountered out in the world and consequently, made up the most hilarious recaps to share with his friends back at Fraggle Rock. Even though he didn’t always get the story right, I loved his adventurous spirit!


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