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In her latest music video for Wildest Dreams, Taylor Swift pays a tribute to Cecil the Lion and even takes the homage a step further by deciding to donate all of the proceeds from the video to wild animal conservation efforts through the African Parks Foundation of America.

The song is soft and pretty and the chorus will no doubt be stuck in your head (don’t say I didn’t warn you). The cinematography is pretty awesome with lots of scenes from the Serengeti and other African plains; beautiful waterfalls, sunsets and tons of wildlife, including Cecil himself are interspersed throughout.
In the video, Swift portrays an actress akin to Elizabeth Taylor. The 1950s-inspired video follows a storyline of Marjorie Finn (Swift), donning black hair, shooting a film where she romances her male co-star Robert Kingsley (portrayed by Scott Eastwood)—a reference to the 1985 film Out of Africa. After a fight on set, the romance ends and the video cuts to a Hollywood premiere, where Swift sees her co-star, Eastwood, with his wife. She is visibly upset but tries to act nonchalant, and the video ends with her fleeing the premiere and seeing her co-star run out onto the road in the side mirror of the limousine.

In the video, Swift plays a fictional actress named Majorie Finn which is a reference to her grandmother name, Majorie Finlay. While Scott Eastwood plays a fictional character named Robert Kingsley. Swift’s grandfather name was Robert and her dad’s middle name is Kingsley.

The video was directed by Joseph Kahn, who previously directed the music videos for the second and fourth singles from 1989, “Blank Space” and “Bad Blood”, and was first aired on television during the pre-show of the 2015 MTV Video Music Awards yesterday.

“Wildest Dreams” is Available Now on her multi-platinum release 1989 on iTunes or Google Play: http://www.smarturl.it/TS1989