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What a great day for a hike!

Ok…maybe, I say that every day – rain, sleet, snow, or shine…

But, that being said, today really was what most people would consider the perfect day for a hike. It was breezy and warm, but not too hot, and of course, the Fall leaves are starting to show, which is always a bonus!

Boo joined me for a hike and I chose Steep Rock, in Washington, Connecticut because it’s a good day hike with stunning views and an interesting tunnel where some old train tracks used to be. Plus, portions of the trail are open to horseback riding and so it’s pretty common to see horses out on the trail. This is definitely a bonus in my book!

In addition to horses, there are plenty of other interesting animals to see on the trail as well. For example, we saw a gorgeous blue heron wading in the stream.

We also saw lots of crayfish in the cool, clear water. When I was younger, I used to enjoy catching them with my hands and observing them for a while, before letting them go. For some strange reason, I loved watching their tiny legs move around, while their claws opened and closed in the air. Now, they kind of freak me out!

Another really pretty area of the trail runs behind a private farm and I always have to stop and catch my breath at this point; it’s so picturesque and always reminds me of a jigsaw puzzle!

This time of year not only offers brisk Autumn air, but the intoxicating aroma of pine. A long stretch of trail leads through a pine forest and at this point, I feel like a cat walking through a garden of catnip; I literally want to stop, drop and roll, soaking in the scent!

Of course, I control  myself like a normal human being and just walk slowly, deeply inhaling…

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