Vixen Make-Overs At Salon Odette:

Dear Salon Odette,

Thank you so much for having Teen Vixen, Sarah and I at your salon and for giving us GORGEOUS make-overs! Your consultations were incredible, your staff super talented and friendly, your salon was modern and clean and the overall experience was just incredible!!! I think the idea to add a VIXENISH red to Sarah’s hair as well as mine was a great idea and the styles you gave us couldn’t have fit our personalities better! Xoxo, Kristen.

The above letter is exactly how I feel about my experience at Salon Odette located in Middlebury, CT. This salon was like the ‘after’ you see on Tabitha’s Salon Takeover – once the renovations have been made and the staff has been re-inspired and re-trained. When I first arrived, I was greeted by the receptionist who introduced me to my stylist, also named Sarah (like our Teen Vixen).

Sarah asked me the important questions like “What celebrity’s hair do you like and why”? “What is your typical hair routine and what style and color do you envision”? She REALLY listened to what I had to say (unlike some stylists who somehow take “I want an inch off the bottom” and turn it into a full fledged hair cut with a pile of hair at your feet and tears in your eyes). I am super sensitive when it comes to having my hair done, but Sarah was really tuned into what I was saying and made me feel safe and comfortable.

Salon Odette Kristen Colapinto

Me and Sarah

As soon as I got in the chair, I was offered a beverage and then my consultation began. I told Sarah, (the stylist, not our Teen Vixen), that I really love the long, loose curls look of Blake Lively and the Victoria’s Secret Supermodels. I wanted something long, relaxed and beautiful. While I didn’t want much cut off, I did want to add a fresh coat of color and I wanted to rejuvenate my style for summer.

Sarah recommended adding a warm red to really show off my hazel eyes, olive complexion and to add a little extra ‘Vixen’ to my look. I LOVED the results!!! Note: The red color really shines in the sunlight and while it’s not as noticeable in this photo, you can see it better in the video above. Also, I will be posting more photos soon!

Not only did Sarah give me the style and color that I wanted but she also gave me some really helpful tips on how to style my own hair at home. For example, I love long, loose curls. Getting this look can be time consuming, but she taught be how to achieve this look in half the time. By putting my hair in pigtails before curling I am able to break down the process of attempting to curl my entire head of hair while it is down and continuously having to separate, brush, and curl. Also, she told me that rather than curl all my hair in the same direction, it’s best to rotate the direction. So if I curl the first section away from my face, I want to curl the next section towards my face. This creates a more defined curl that will ultimately last longer since it won’t all blend together! Brilliant!!!

Salon Odette Kristen Colapinto

Me and Marisa

After Sarah styled my hair, Marisa worked her make-up magic to give me a nice smoky eye, and a radiant complexion. Once again, I LOVED the results! Marisa was so nice and so down to earth. Having my make-up done after my hair was the perfect finish to my day at the salon. Next time you go to the salon (Salon Odette), I highly recommend finishing off your new hairstyle with having your make-up done – then make a day of it and go out and show off your new look! At Salon Odette there are so many services to choose from and it’s a great place to re-vamp your look for summer, spring, fall, winter or for any night out on the town or day with the girls.

The staff at Salon Odette are continuously staying on top of current trends and styles by attending classes around the country. They believe in always learning and improving and it shows in their work. Whether you want a modern style or a classic cut, they can offer you a skilled and knowledgeable service.

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