LARDIERE merges art with fashion to celebrate the color and playfulness of life through high-impact prints. Lardiere is the vision of father and daughter, artist and designer, Geoffrey and Brinley Lardiere. With a natural sense of visual aesthetics, this collaboration grew from a desire to expand the artwork of established artist Geoffrey Lardiere onto clothing and accessories for the vibrant, confident woman. Lardiere’s scarves are the perfect ‘must have’ for spring, summer and years to come…

The idea transpired from both Brinley’s love of fashion and both of their design backgrounds. Coming from a family of sixth generation Floridians, and Florida’s former oldest banking family, entrepreneurship seems to run in their blood. Much of their inspiration was drawn from the joyful colors reflected from the natural beauty of waters, sky, and sunshine after spending much time at the family’s beach house in Florida and summers in Wisconsin on Lake Michigan. The vision was to create a wearable and attainable luxury brand that encompassed their values of celebrating life in a vivacious fashion. Their hope is for these timeless pieces to be passed on from generation to generation as a symbol of casual elegance.

The brand kicks off with a collection of silk scarves, each derived from an original painting, and will be bringing you handbags, swimwear, dresses, and an entire line of limited edition art to wear in the years to come. For now, fall in love with Lardiere’s colorful scarves, ideal for taking you from boat to shore, at home or abroad- as a neck scarf, head scarf, cover-up, or purse highlight. As you journey through life, Lardiere’s scarves are the perfect accessory to carry with you.

Fashion has been considered a form of art since it’s inception, but rarely does a painting transcend beyond its museum walls or a collector’s home and onto an article of clothing to be enjoyed in a broader sense. By merging Lardiere’s vibrant artwork with fashion, they were able to create a brand that celebrates the same concept as Geoffrey Lardiere’s paintings– celebrating life in a colorful, playful, and vivacious fashion.