Prete & Bruno is a young Italian design duo who will be debuted their Fall 2012 collection at Lincoln Center as part of Mercedes Benz Fashion Week. These designers are bringing big time glamour to New York with a unique Italian twist.

The American launch of the Prete & Bruno womenswear collection, by the Italian social and fashion veterans Salvatore Prete and Filippo Bruno, offers unstoppable glamour and timeless elegance for the modern woman. Looking to their roots, with strong Italian traditions, the Prete & Bruno collection is the epitome of high-end ready to wear with couture inflections.

Runway Photo taken by Jane Kratochvil

For Fall 2012, Prete & Bruno took inspiration from old Hollywood glamour where movie stars Marlene Dietrich’s evening noir and Grace Kelly’s swanlike elegance turned them into international style icons. The designers have always loved the extraordinary interpretation and expression of timeless style by these two women who are the personification of style and glamour. Read more and see Prete & Bruno’s Fall 2012 collection after the jump.

This collection pays homage to the inner beauty of today’s woman with ladylike silhouettes in hues of precious jewel tones and black, embellished with unusual intricate details not often seen in ready to wear, but on the runways of the European couture houses. From chic wool and silk day suits to flowing feminine dresses and perfect wide leg pants, Prete & Bruno combines the best of luxurious day to evening dressing.

Salvatore Prete and Filippo Bruno noted, “In 2012, we would like to see women exude an authentic elegance. One that belongs to the past but is now very modern.” Deeply influenced by the globally chic women of Paris and New York, Prete & Bruno mix in their distinct sensibilities to create a fresh take on Italian luxury.

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