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Recently, I received a gorgeous handbag in the mail from JustFab.com. Within a few minutes of opening the package, I had filled this functional beauty with all my need-be-items for the day; my make-up bag, a pair of flats, my canon video & still camera (and mic), press materials, and other misc. goodies (extra batteries for the camera(s), my phone charger, etc…). While this is quite the list, it’s often part of my daily regimen – especially, if I know I am going to be trekking around the city all day or traveling out of state.  As if all the items above aren’t enough, when I took this bag on a weekend trip to Vegas, I was able to add even more items including my laptop (a pink, mini Samsung…yes, I had to mention that it is pink), a change of clothes for the plane, and some magazines. Not only is this bag perfect for all my needs, it is perfectly on trend for fall fashion style. This practical handbag is a beautiful caramel color contrasted against gold with a bamboo closure.  More after the jump…

Comes with an adjustable and removable shoulder strap…


I absolutely love this bamboo detail on the front closure…


It is incredible what I can fit in this bag and all of the different compartments make organizing easy! Plus, how great is that print???



Perfect for toting around stuff all day during fashion week! The front pockets make perfect compartments for cell phones, lip gloss, and business cards.

During Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week

Or for weekend trips…

In Vegas!

Save time and money by shopping online at www.justfab.com for all the latest and on-trend fashions.  JustFab offers a wide variety of cute shoes, denim and additional accessories (all under $40) that have drawn in the creme de la creme of Hollywood fans of the brand, including Cameron Diaz, Kate Hudson and Victoria Beckham just to name a few.

Some of their newest handbags that launched just last month! (The first one should look familiar by now!*;-) The colors and textures in this collection are just amazing!