One of the highlights of attending Aruba In Style was getting to spend so much time on the beach and in the crystal blue water. While getting up early was a little difficult given the late nights and non stop entertainment, Christina and I arranged for a wake up call on Sunday morning and took the opportunity to set sail on Red Sail Sport’s custom built catamaran.

During the sailing trip, we were able to visit two snorkeling hot-spots; one at the wreck of the Antilla, a 400′ sunken German Freighter and the other in the more shallow Catalina Bay. Catalina Bay was full of colorful fish, which took me back to my days at Animal Kingdom, where I used to snorkel into their giant tanks and scrub the coral, perform routine maintenance, etc.  I recalled several of their names: parrotfish, blue tangs, and schools of chromis. This diverse area also features several species of coral and some of the best underwater views I’ve seen to date. While on board, Red Sail Sports offered a tasty buffet of fresh fruit and your choice of chicken, seafood, or veggie wraps. The trip also included an open bar which offered a wide variety of cocktails as well as a local beer, Balashi, and a fun cocktail called the “Green Iguana”, which is a coconut and pineapple flavored drink that is AMAZING!


Enjoying Balashi and the Green Iguana

Aruba is truly a beautiful place to be – the turquoise water and warm weather are perfectly combined with a balance of quiet beaches full of pink flamingos and more populated beaches with music, activities, and more than enough to do in a week’s time. From sailing and snorkeling to para-sailing and even spin class right on the beach, there’s definitely something for everyone.



About: Divers flock to Aruba for its year-around warm waters, spectacular shipwrecks, and beautiful coral formations. In fact, they’re the only island operation promoting diving at international consumer dive shows in cooperation with the Aruba Tourism Authority.