On our way to Canada, we made one more stop – the Frank Lloyd Wright’s Martin Complex in Buffalo, New York. Years ago, my gram had visited Frank Lloyd Wright’s Falling Water House in Pennsylvania and fell in love with the organic design – merging nature with the indoors.

Being so close to Buffalo, we didn’t want to miss the opportunity to visit another one of Wright’s significant projects. The complex is currently in the process of being restored, but the one hour tour, along with a helpful guide, allowed for us to learn about and appreciate the vision behind the structure. Also, the folks working the desk were extremely helpful in accommodating my gram’s wheelchair, which was a big bonus!

The tour started off with a video and then segued into a walk throughout a portion of the property. There are other tours available that take you through more of the house, but we wanted to get back on the road to Canada and also, some of the floors are not currently handicap friendly (though a good portion is). When the tour ended, it was pouring rain and we had a little adventure running back to the car – thankfully, it was a warm day!

Unfortunately, they do not allow you to take photos inside the complex, so I was only able to take some pics of the outside…

Frank Lloyd Wright's Martin Complex-DSC00717 Frank Lloyd Wright's Martin Complex-DSC00718 Frank Lloyd Wright's Martin Complex-DSC00719