FlipOut Sandals

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I Talk Fashionable Travel With Timex

One of my absolute favorite accessories is a watch. So when Timex asked me to film a short style video with Fashion Trend Director Amy E. Goodman about travel, style, and Timex watches, I was beyond excited! Here's the finished segment of me and Amy ...
FlipOut Sandals

FlipOut Sandals

My FlipOut Sandals with interchangeable shoe jewelry became my go-to sandals on my trip to Aruba. The sandal collection was started by Tracey and Cheryl who are long time friends, and who both spent a large amount of time working at Sandals Resort...
Flipout Sandals

FlipOut Sandals with Interchangeable Ornaments!

Today, I headed over to the Royalton Hotel, Penthouse suite, for an exclusive showing of the new and fabulous, FlipOut sandals! At the event, I was able to view some of the amazing sandals, which come with super glam ornaments, that can be interch...