Custo Barcelona

Custo Barcelona Spring 2013 Women’s Wear

Custo Barcelona started off as two brothers, the Dalmau brothers, traveling the world and being inspired by their adventures, especially those in Northern California. After returning home, to Barcelona, Spain, the Dalmau brothers got to work and l...
Custo Barcelona Men's Collection Spring 2013

Custo Barcelona Men’s Spring 2013 Collection

Custo Barcelona extended the theme of psychedelic prints from his women's collection into his Men's Spring 2013 Collection. The graphics are inspired by an oceanic landscape (something that seems to be trending on the runway), as well as the stars an...

Custo Barcelona’s 2012 ‘GABONGA’ Collection

Custo Barcelona has presented their new collection - 'GABONGA' - a word coined to describe something new: a collection beginning with graphic fabrics and flowing garments, and ending with more body-conscious pieces that enhance the figure; with super...
Ariel View of Renaissance Resort and Casino's Private Island

Renaissance Resort and Casino – Aruba

Renaissance Resort and Casino is a resort in Oranjestad which has its own private island with first class amenities. From white sand beaches with pink flamingos, green iguanas lounging on the sidewalks, to serene massages in private villas overlookin...
Custo Barcelona Fall/Winter 2011

Custo Barcelona Fall/Winter 2011 Catwalk

This season, Custo Barcelona presented their new fall winter 2011 collection at the Lincoln Center as part of Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week. The innovative show surprised the audience with a clean slate that began with pure lines and neutral colors (...
Model Backstage at Custo Barcelona Fall 2011

Backstage at Custo Barcelona Fall 2011

While countless hours go into prepping for a runway show, the few hours before the show starts are no doubt, the most hectic. As the designer rushes to make sure everything has come together correctly, meets with press, and checks over all of the ...
Backstage at Custo Barcelona

Backstage at Custo Barcelona

The back stage of any fashion show is nothing less than a mad house - fun, but still a crazy mess of photographers, flashing lights, stilettos and stylists running around trying to get everything in check before the start of the show... Here are some photos from the backstage of this season's Custo Barcelona Show!!!