Celebrate the Royal Wedding from the comfort of your own home, by hosting a viewing party!

Kate Middleton and Prince William of Wales will be tying the knot in the most royal ceremony of all, and a record number of viewers across the globe are set to tune-in and watch the nuptials.

With  the wedding of the century rapidly approaching (this Friday, April 29th), it’s time to get out your crystal champagne flutes and make a toast!

While the couple plan to say their ‘I dos’ around 4AM Eastern Time, that doesn’t mean you need to be up so bright and early!

I say, why not record the royal nuptials and throw an after work viewing party? (The wedding IS taking place on a Friday after-all).

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The Drambuie English Rose Cocktail, created in honor of Kate Middleton and named for the key ingredient, rosewater is the perfect specialty drink to celebrate the end of the work week and to congratulate the Royal Couple!

The feature liqueur is Drambuie – a historical Scottish liqueur named after the legendary Bonnie Prince Charlie – which is deeply woven into the fabric of Scottish and British history.

Royal Wedding Cocktail

Royal Wedding Cocktail

In addition, the royal couple met and were educated at St. Andrew’s University in Scotland, the same country where Drambuie was formed for the royals several centuries ago.

This champagne cocktail, the drink most associated with celebration, is perfect for any Royal Wedding viewing party or pre and post celebrations.

Please see the recipe below and enjoy!

The Drambuie English Rose Cocktail

In a Champagne flute, add:

1 Sugar Cube

3 drops Orange Bitters


Slowly top with:

4 oz. chilled Blanc de Noirs Champagne

Splash Campari

3 drops Rosewater

Garnish with a thinly-sliced strawberry fanned and floated on top.


-The color is a beautiful pale rose.

-The aroma is outstanding.

-The balance between the Drambuie and the Champagne is echoed by the interplay of the bitters/Campari and the sugar.


DRAMBUIE was created more than 260 years ago exclusively for Prince Charles Edward Stuart of Scotland. It is a unique combination of aged Scotch whiskies, heather honey and a blend of herbs and spices – a recipe kept secret since 1745. From the Gaelic “an dram buidheach” – the drink that satisfies – DRAMBUIE is enjoyed by those who appreciate its timeless, yet distinctive taste. DRAMBUIE can be served on the rocks, in classic cocktails such as the Rusty Nail, or more contemporary long drinks such as the DRAMBUIE and Soda. For more information visit drambuie.com.

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