WEAR THIS, TOSS THAT! by Amy E. Goodman

One of the most frustrating situations, while trying to get dressed in the morning, is having a closet full of clothes and nothing to wear.

All too many times, I’ve scoured through racks and racks of clothing, begrudgingly sifted through all my drawers, and ultimately ended up in a heap of potential outfits with nothing to wear. How disheartening this can be!

The good news is that fashion maven and shopping expert, Amy E. Goodman has written a one-of-a-kind style bible, to end all fashion and beauty confusion, called WEAR THIS, TOSS THAT!.

“It costs us not to look our best,” says Amy E. Goodman, who regularly contributes to the Today show and The View.

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“That’s the premise of my fashion philosophy. Why? Because when we don’t dress well, it costs us: job opportunities, positive first impressions, respect, confidence and self-worth, dates, and dollars…lots of dollars.”

That’s why Amy wrote WEAR THIS, TOSS THAT!: Hundreds of Fashion and Beauty Swaps That Save Your Looks, Save Your Budget, and Save You Time.

“The bottom line,” she says, “is that we all need to look good, all the time, and I decided to make it my mission to help women regain control of their closets by simplifying their choices.”

Kristen Colapinto and Amy Goodman

Recently, I had the pleasure of meeting Amy Goodman while shooting a fashion segment for Timex.

With a snappy presentation, engaging information, and an empowering message for women of all ages, sizes or lifestyles—WEAR THIS, TOSS THAT! is the quintessential guide for women who want to shake off wardrobe blahs.

WHY AMY? Because she gets it— By her own admission, Amy E. Goodman is not a fashionista. She may be a regular style advisor on the national airwaves, but she also juggles her roles as wife and mother. As a journalist, she covers fashion, beauty, and lifestyle, yet shops the latest sales at CVS, Target, and Loehmann’s, and clips coupons from Saturday circulars. In WEAR THIS, TOSS THAT! Amy answers women’s everyday fashion questions: Do these shoes go with these capris? Is this skirt length appropriate for my age? How can I make my shrinking boobs look bigger? (Okay…that last question, Amy admits, is hers!) How do I make sense of organic makeup lines? We’re a single-income household and the kids come first, so how can I look good without spending the milk money? And so many more.

In WEAR THIS, TOSS THAT, Amy shows you how to sort through the clothes you already have and take inventory of what you need. Cleverly organized like a woman’s closet, WEAR THIS, TOSS THAT! outlines the 30 pieces of clothing and 30 accessories every woman must have, and then goes through the closet—rack-by-rack, shelf-by-shelf and drawer-by-drawer—helping readers determine what to wear, and what to toss.

WEAR THIS, TOSS THAT! features colorful, double-page spreads, giving readers clear examples of “wears” on one side and “tosses” on the other. In Part One, Amy covers the top rack (shirts and sweaters) the bottom rack (pants and skirts), the hanging racks (dresses, suits, and coats), and the shoe rack (everything from stilettos to boots) along with the closets’ shelves, drawers, and boxes to cover accessories (handbags, belts, and jewelry). In Part Two, Amy heads over to the bathroom to review skincare, makeup, and hair care, because, as she claims, “a cleaned-up beauty routine is the essential finishing touch to your look.”

WEAR THIS, TOSS THAT! is designed as a reference book to be used on a regular basis, and Amy has included plenty of fun facts, product picks, savvy tricks, and insider information—like tailoring tips and shapewear suggestions for making each piece of clothing fit perfectly. She also highlights 24 “save-me” items, like the wrap shirt, Spanx tight-end tights, and removable heel protectors, that are guaranteed to keep women fashionably afloat, as well an extensive savvy shopping list of resources complete with website addresses.

“As busy, multi-tasking women, we don’t have complete control over every part of our lives—work, relationships, obligations, expectations,” she says. “Being able to reach into your closet every morning and emerge with options you love is liberating. It means that you have conquered this corner of your world, saving you time and money.”

Amy E. Goodman is a style and beauty expert like no other. She has been a resident shopping and style expert on the Today show for over seven years, having appeared 70 times. She frequents national morning and daytime shows including The View, Good Morning America, The Early Show, CNN, and Movie and a Makeover, among others. A former correspondent and editor for In Style and Senior Editor of All You, she currently serves as Editor at Large for Southern Living magazine. Amy also serves as Fashion Trend Director for Timex’s new multimillion dollar marketing campaign.

Amy is involved in several key philanthropic organizations, including the Board with Healthy Women (healthywomen.org), which is Dr. Oz’s latest go-to site for women’s health issues. She is also on the alumnae board for Distinguished Young Women (formerly America’s Junior Miss) and is a past president and still active member of her local Mom’s Club.

Amy Goodman lives with her family in the Washington, DC area.



“Amy’s helpful new book reveals the recipe to help women of every budget look trendy—without being a slave to fashion.”

Deborah Norville, bestselling author and anchor of Inside Edition


“Like you, I’ve stared at ‘hangerland’ in my closet, thinking I have nothing to wear. Well, no more. Wear This, Toss That! gets rid of the stuff that cramps your style and shows you how to dress to impress.”

Natalie Morales, Host and National Correspondent, NBC’s “Today” show


“When a woman discovers Amy’s no-problem, no-nonsense solutions, she can’t help but feel she can do this. And what’s even better . . . she goes out and does it.”

Hal Rubenstein, Fashion Director, In Style magazine


“It’s Amy to the rescue with this easy-to-use guide to fashion and beauty. It’s like having your own personal stylist, in your home, 24/7. Thank you, Amy!”

Maggie Rodriguez, CBS News Anchor


“Behind-the-scenes of the show, Amy and I always talk fashion. I’m thrilled she wrote down all her sage pointers in this essential book for women of all ages!”

Mia Butler, Host TBS’ “Movie and a Makeover”