Last week, Senses Salon & Spa treated me to their latest beauty service; the OPI Gel Manicure. The OPI Gel Manicure is supposed to last longer than a regular manicure, while maintaining the initial shine of a fresh polish.

So far, the claims seem to be true; It’s been 7 days since I’ve had my manicure and my nails still look shiny and freshly painted – I haven’t been gentle on them either! I am always rustling through my handbag, I’ve gone skiing (carrying ski equipment usually garners a few scratches on my polish), and I have done plenty of other high-scratch zone activities. The only thing I’m beginning to notice is that my nails are starting to out-grow the polish around my nailbed, but no biggie, it’s hardly noticeable unless you look closely.

A few people asked me if I had acrylics put on and I can understand why. The OPI Gel Manicure look like acrylics, but without the damaging effects or the worry of having them fall (or worse, rip) off. I’m definitely a fan! See updated pic below.