I wanted to do something creative with my nails, but didn’t have time to wait for polish to dry – I opted for the following quick fix:

The Heavy Metal nail art in the package below can be applied using glue, while the black & gold decals by Maybelline simply stick to  nails – super quick!

Nail Art-3698a

Photo below: These Color Show decals by Maybelline are going on day 6, but I’ve had to replace a couple of them that wore worn at the tips (The package comes with 18 stickers so there are some left over for touch ups). They are pretty easy to put on – just stick on and then file off any of the excess decal at the tip of the nail. I like the way they look, but they are a little jagged around the tips where I had to file. 

Nail Art-_3707

Purchased at Walgreens.