Recently I got in contact with one of MY favorite designers Chris March, who also is the star of his own hit  tv show on Bravo called Mad Fashion. If you haven’t heard of him then you need to – the show is on every Tuesday at 10pm on Bravo! Chris is on of the most over the top overly fabulous designers out there. His clothing pushes the conventional line of crazy over the top. I LOVE LOVE LOVE him and his designs and got to ask him some questions most of us wonder! Hopefully one day all of us including me will be rocking his designs!  Below you’ll find all his answers!

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1- What made you get into designing? Did you love clothes from a young age?

I always loved old movies, and I went to my mother’s sewing lessons (and of course,
played with her fabrics and clothes!)

2- Did the wacky style come naturally to you?

I’ve always loved things that are big, bright, fun and outrageous. When I was a kid,
“Let’s Make a Deal” was one of my favorite shows.

3- Were you ever self-conscious about your designs?

I’ve always pushed the envelope in many different ways, so…no!

4- Are you  ever met with hostility by other designers because of your designs?

Sometimes more conventional designers think I get too much attention for what I do,
but that’s the way it works.

5- I LOVE LOVE LOVE you and think you’re an iconic designer, are there any designers
you have conflict with because of the craziness involved with the designs?

I often get criticized for straddling the worlds of costume and fashion…maybe I am
leading the way with a new hybrid!

6- Who are some of your most famed celebrity clients?

Meryl Streep, Lady Gaga, Madonna, Beyonce…sometimes I can’t believe it myself!

7- What can we expect on Mad Fashion this season?

Fun, fashion, outrageousness, humor, teamwork and gasps of excitement!

8- Are you designing any Halloween Costumes this year?

Yes, but they have to stay secret for now! Except for my niece’s–I made her a
Wonder Woman outfit.

9- What is your favorite outfit you’ve designed?

Meryl Streep’s white Academy Awards dress…not outrageous, but unforgettable!

10- Who are your favorite designers that inspire you?

Fifties Dior, Vivienne Westwood, Alexander McQueen, pre-controversy Galliano (!)

11- Who is your dream client to dress/design for?

Cher–Can you hear me Cher? I’m coming for you!

12- What things inspire you most?

Fabrics, vintage items, the attitude of the client I am designing for.

13- How do you feel about being a household name, and having a fan base with people
who are obsessed with you and your designs?

I don’t think that’s really the case (!) but thank you for the compliment.

Watch Chris March’s Mad Fashion Tuesday’s at 10pm on Bravo