The Farah Angsana Spring 2013 show at Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week was appropriately named “The Glamazon,” as looks reflected a paradise theme reminiscent of South America and Amazonian life.

Angsana’s show began with fitted cocktail attire and evening gowns in silk and satin organza, with crystal embellishments around necklines, waist and bodice. Short and long looks swept the runway, but it was the transition into Angsana’s brighter designs that inspired just about everyone in the audience to grab their iPad and cellphones (or whatever digital device they brought) to aim and shoot like predators closing in on their Amazonian prey. Spectacular favorites included the “Bruna,” a cobalt blue silk chiffon beaded empire waist gown, the “Carolina,” a royal blue one-shoulder silk chiffon gown, the “Virginia,” a silk floral jacquard organza sleeveless pleated cocktail dress, as well as the “Tida” and “Nalla” dresses in multi-color tribal sequin.

According to Angsana, the Glamazon paradise theme recalls Rio de Janeiro and Sao Paolo, but the romantic inspiration for the collection comes much closer to the designer’s own life and experiences. “I want to share with you that this is the first collection that truly draws from my own personal experience of the heart,” says Angsana. “The smallest thing can change your life. In the blink of an eye, something happens by chance that you least expect. It sets a course you never planned and a future you could never imagine.”