To celebrate their 50th anniversary, Century 21 asked 5 top fashion bloggers to write a post on a specific Decade of Fashion from the last 5 decades. I’ve always had a passion for the fashion of the 60’s, so I was definitely excited to participate (plus I get a pretty neat gift for helping out)! I spent many hours, as a child, looking through old magazines that my grandmother had saved from when my mom and aunts were younger. Favorites like Glamour, Seventeen, and Cosmopolitan helped me explore the fashion time capsule and contributed heavily to my falling in love with the gorgeous clothing from this decade.

The fashions of the 60’s were vibrant and alive with color and musical inspirations like the Beatles, Grateful Dead, Bob Dylan, and the Rolling Stones. Super flare jeans (aka: bell-bottoms) and bright prints with bold patterns, like paisley and tie-dye, were lighting up the fashion scene. While many of the fashions from the sixties were celebrating freedom and movement, other styles from the decade reflected a strong sense of sophistication as seen on iconic women including Audrey Hepburn and the First Lady, Jacqueline Kennedy.

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A model from the Spring/Summer 2012 Custo Barcelona runway wears a dress and sunglasses with strong 60's influence.

This season, and looking forward to Spring/Summer 2012, we are seeing many 60’s inspired silhouettes, prints, and colors re-surface into current trends. The patterns and freedom of color from this decade are returning to the runways and introducing stunning new twists on classic 60’s pieces. Large, chunky wedges paired with flared denim & jumpsuits, color blocked dresses with strong, geometric patters, bright colors and prints including florals, paisley, and tie-dye are trending in a really fresh way. Personally, I couldn’t be more excited! Happy 50th anniversary Century 21 and cheers to another great 50 years of bringing the world affordable fashion!