Today, Fashion Week is providing a platform for the sensual and beautifully constructed designs that Argentina has to offer this Spring. For the past few years Argentine Designers have presented pieces inspired by their culture infused with modern trends. The pieces they unveiled during Fashion Week this past spring were edgy yet delicate. Much of the designs were shades of grey, black, or white and far from grab. They were grandiose with eye catching detailing and a cinematic element.

Cardon’s Fall 2012 collection is set to debut. In Argentina, the brand ranks number one in fashion, accessories and home décor. Their creations are ageless, evoking the style of almost any era. The designs of Cora Groppo, Daniela Sartori, Mariana Dappiano and Desiderata (one of the country’s premier fashion brands) are set to be showcased. These women create clothing for “the real female form”, which is a refreshing approach. One of the most distinguished Cardon designers is Min Agostini, this is due to her background in architecture. It has been said that her designs stem from her understanding of “materials and space”. The numerous awards she has received are a token of her popularity.

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Cardon derived inspiration from the leather and silverwork that dominated the Argentine textile industry. The label’s designers are concerned with the identity one creates through fashion rather than fashion creating identity. This attitude no doubt stems from growing up in a country where individual rights of freedom an expression are akin to survival. Though portions of Argentine history have disrupted such strength of character, the country has survived political and economic turmoil.

This makes Argentine presence in such major industries as fashion that much more intriguing. This season trend watchers can expect the highest calibre of unconventional attire with a touch of old Hollywood glamour. It is sure to be a collection that is timeless, sophisticated, and fun.