In a recent interview with LMFAO’s DJ Dainjazone, I asked Dainjazone to describe the feeling he got when looking out at a crowd of people at the club who are really getting into his music. His response was that it is both empowering and amazing and I can completely understand why he feels that way!

Personally, I love looking out at a crowd of people dancing and really enjoying the music. Last Friday night at Pacha,NYC, I got to see one of my favorite DJs perform, Bob Sinclair. Below is some video I took while looking out over the dance floor – the crowd is definitely having fun and so was I!

Pacha, NYC is a spin off of Ibiza’s famous nightclub in Ibiza, Spain,  located in Ibiza Town.

SV club tip: I like to dance, but sometimes dancing on the main floor is a little too much for me. Spilled drinks, wet floors, and un-solicited (and often very sweaty) dance partners, can make the experience less than pleasant. Getting a table makes the whole ‘club experience’ much more enjoyable and the price averages out when you chip in with friends. The best part is that you know you have somewhere to sit when you want to, a place to put your belongings, and you have bottle service which is way better than waiting in line at the bar to buy a drink. Plus, there’s more room to move and dance around with friends!