Review: Pointelle Sweater from Gaiam

One of the recent additions to my Fall wardrobe is this Green (Cypress), Pointelle Sweater from Gaiam. A blend of organic cotton and rayon made from sustainable bamboo, this sweater is really soft to the touch and gentle on the environment. I real...
Naya Shoes

Naya Shoes, Eco-Friendly Q&A

Why should women care about wearing Naya shoes? As mothers, grandmothers and sisters we are the caretakers of our future generations. The earth is not going to remain the way it is unless we make an effort to renew it. Wearing Naya shoes is just ...
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Eco – Friendly KAIGHT in NYC

Eco-boutique KAIGHT continues their "boutique within a boutique" series with NYC-based designer Samantha Pleet. Samantha launched her eponymous collection in 2006, just as Kaight was opening its doors on Orchard Street. Samantha’s commitment to...
Kaight 83 Orchard St. NYC

Eco-Friendly Fashion by Kaight

I recently had the pleasure of meeting the owner of KAIGHT an eco-friendly clothing and accessories store in New York City. It was so exciting to visit a place where fashion is not only eco-friendly but still fashionable! Kaight carries shoes, belts, swimsuits, reconstructed vintage dresses, the softest T-shirts you could ever imagine, vegetable based nail polish, jewelry, belts, etc, etc! If you are an eco-minded fashionista then it will be hard not to find something you like! Kaight even offers up a portion of her boutique to local artists and designer such as Pulp Lab and is constantly updating the merchandise. This means there is always something new to look at! Over the next few weeks, I am going to be writing about some of the products she carries as a way to start incorporating some eco-minded blogging into my site! Let me know what you think!!!