I never know when I travel what kinds of foods, people and places I’m going to find.

Obviously when you vacation on the sea, there is going to be an upsetting amount of seafood in the area. And lobster of course. Not a veg girl’s dream. But, I have found Kennebunkport and Freeport Maine to be delightfully vegan friendly as well as a scenic and entertaining location I for sure want to return to.

To take the guess work out of your visit to the area, here is my round up of veg and eco finds in Southern Maine.

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1. Bandaloop in Kennebunkport

Rated the best restaurant in town, Bandaloop is kind and considerate to those who choose not to eat meat and dairy. They have vegan options on the menu and those options are scrumptious.



We had the:

  • Fresh Chiffonade of Kale  – fine ribbon cut kale leaves, massaged with lemon juice, and tossed with minced garlic, basil, hemp seeds, candied pepitas, sesame-tahini vinaigrette and cucumbers
  • Indian Spiced Organic Tofu or Tempeh, Spinah and Vegetables – tangy tamarind glaze in a large bowl with basmati rice and spiced cashews
  • Tofu Taco – warm corn tortillas, sharp cheddar*, cilantro, cumin seasoned tofu, pineapple-mango salsa, roasted poblano hot sauce, herbed sour cream* (*Just ask for this one without the cheddar cheese and sour cream.)

It’s right in town so you can hit it after a day checking out the shops.

2. H.B. Provisions in Kennebunkport

For a faster and more relaxed meal hit up H.B. Provisions for lunch. It’s a small grocery as well as eatery. And they have one of the best homemade veggie burgers I have ever tried. Plus, you can pick up some soy milk or fresh fruits if you’re in need of a few staples.

3. New Morning Natural Foods in Kennebunkport

We didn’t eat out every meal. Far from it. We stayed at a house our friends rented for the week so we did a great deal of cooking. Thankfully, New Morning Natural Foods carries all my favorite vegan products like Field Roast, Liz Lovely Cookies, Daiya, Tofutti Cuties and more. The people are nice and knowledgeable and they will point you to what seems like any vegan item you might want to find. Also, check out how many local products they carry!

In addition to veg friendly eats, you’ll find lots of items in the town of Kennebunkport made by local artisans. It’s pretty touristy, but frankly, I’m a tourist here this week so I ate it up. Cute shops. Nice people. Kennebunkport is worth a visit.

On Wednesday we took a shopping trip to Freeport, the land of L.L. Bean and outlet shopping. I was on a tight budget so I stopped myself from indulging for as long as I could. At least until I reached one particular shop…

4. Horny Toad in Freeport

Yep. Horny Toad. A stylish eco girl’s dream. Before visiting Freeport I had never even heard of Horny Toad. But my friend Renee wanted to go inside since she had been a long time fan. My hubby and I ventured in just to keep her company and ended up buying more than she did.

Trench Coat

Trench Coat

The items in the store are more of the outdoor-sy nature, but with beautiful cuts and fabrics. Gary (my hubby) and I each bought a coat made by Nau. (And at a big discount since they are off season.) Both our coats are light weight, made with recycled material, comfortable, stylish and asymmetrical. Plus, when we eventually wear them out, we can send them back to the company to be further recycled. My friend Renee bought a few super sexy casual dressed made from organic cotton.

I learned (from the very kind man at the store) that three years ago Horny Toad bought the eco company Nau. It’s a lovechild from a former Nike designer and a former Patagonia designer. If you visit Freeport, be sure to visit Horny Toad. I always love when eco brands figure out how to balance style, function and the earth.

5. Conundrum in Freeport

After wandering around Freeport for the day, we drove down Route 1 South to find a wine bar called Conundrum Wine Bistro. Our friends had been there several years before on their honeymoon. There was a lovely cool covered outdoor seating area and a wine list that would make any wine snob happy. Also, for the light weights among us (like me) or for the person who wants to try lots of different kinds, they offer half glasses of wine!

Delicious Vegan Pizza!

Delicious Vegan Pizza!

At first it looked like the veg options were just going to be vegetarian. All with dairy besides the gazpacho. But the waiter was amazing. He was open to changing anything. Renee and I ordered pizzas with no cheese but instead with caramelized onions, roasted tomatoes, arugula and a balsamic reduction. The chefs did an fantastic job and the waiter even said he told them to save the recipe for the future!

Before this trip, I hadn’t been to Maine since I was a kid. Now, after being here all week and seeing sea birds, seals and kayaking through the bay, I know I could spend a whole lot more time taking it all in. I can certainly take a vacation where there aren’t many veg options and make do, but a holiday where I’m able to eat and enjoy is so much better.

If you, like me, find yourself visiting Southern Maine, hit up any of these places and you’ll find the same kind people and wonderful foods and clothing that I did. Knowing how much I enjoyed it and want to come back, we might even run into each other.

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