Lately, I have been really getting into horse racing. I’ve always loved horses and spent a good amount of time in high school riding horses at a local ranch. Recently, I got back in the saddle (literally) and remembered how much I enjoy these magnificent animals. To celebrate my rekindled appreciation for the sport, I really wanted to participate in the biggest equestrian event of the year and what better way to do so than by watching the Kentucky Derby live?  The Kentucky Derby is famous not only for the horses, but for all of the great fashion as well! To enjoy this great day of equestrian sportsmanship,  I wanted to dress the part of a fashionable spectator. So, I paired this white dress from Victoria’s Secret with a Derby style, wide rimmed hat from Macy’s and these gorgeous shoes from Naya.

While generally the hat is supposed to be the star of the show, this season, it was all about the shoes! Matching my hat perfectly, these flower inspired shoes have a cork heel, which is definitely a big trend this spring/summer season! Plus, the chunky heel made walking around easy and comfortable. In fact, I wore these shoes from early morning until a little past midnight and did plenty of walking in complete comfort! Additionally, these shoes are gentle on the environment (vegetable tanned leather and natural, recycled content fabrics), something that Naya prides themselves in. See pics below.

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