Sunday night, I met up with the oh-so-talented, Alexa Prisco, for the premiere of her one hour special of the Glam Fairy on the Style Network.
The special follows the famous make-up artist around the Glam Factory as she and her fairies create a high-end, glam photo-shoot for a group of ‘nerdy’ sorority sisters.

Alexa shows the world how running the business of Glam takes savvy business skills, an eye for style and a whole lot of patience. As Alexa works with her fairies, one of which is Briella Calafiore (hair fairy),  she entertains her team, (and certainly the viewers), with witty one liners. Alexa is so funny that listening to her comments brought tears to my eyes from laughing so hard!
If you missed Sunday’s episode, I highly recommend catching one of the reruns on the Style Network! Also, keep your fingers crossed that the show is picked up for a full season…I am certainly rooting for the show! XOXO