Throw away those hideous 3-D glasses you get at the movie theater and get yourself a fashionable pair of 3-D eye wear from Gucci or Armani!

The 3-D unisex glasses are set to hit US stores this December will be perfect for watching Avatar 2 & 3! (That’s right folks! Not only are we getting fabulous new glasses but James Cameron is doing 2 sequels to the box office hit!)


The glasses, which were modeled after the ’80s popular navigator style, have a crystal gray plastic front, and shiny black metal temples.

Shaped like aviators, Gucci’s 3D glasses are made from plastic, but offer “optically correct 6-base curved lenses with circular polarized technology”

The 3D glasses also  feature a mirror coating that allows wearers to look at themselves in a mirror without distortion. (Awesome!)

Gucci’s 3D glasses will be available for around $225, while Armani’s will cost around $58.