Recently, I had the opportunity to ask DJ Dainjazone a few questions about what life is like on tour with LMFAO and the “Party Rock Crew” and ask him where the best clubs are, world wide, to dance the night away. You can see what he had to say below.

SV: What is the craziest or funniest thing you’ve seen while hanging with the Party Rock Crew?

DJ Dainjazone: Spraying people w/ champagne is always a blast to watch. Haha. The look on the fans face is either “I love it!” Or “what the heck!? I can’t believe they’re spraying me!!” So when you hear “Champagne Showers” grab a poncho and some shades.

SV: What are Redfoo and SkyBlu like to work with?

DJ Dainjazone: They’re fun guys. You have to be on your toes around them. They also have their serious moments so it’s a fine balance.

SV: Do you guys chill together on your downtime and if so, what do you like to do?

DJ Dainjazone: I usually do my own thing. I always have work to do like blog posts, mix posts, facebook updates, website updates, etc. Sometimes I hang w/ them but we hardly get downtime so I use that precious time to do work.

SV: What other great artists would you like to collaborate with? What would be your dream gig?

DJ Dainjazone: I wouldn’t mind collaborating w/ other geniuses in the game like Kanye West. I can learn so much from any artist but Kanye is my favorite right now. In regards to my dream gig its really tough to beat touring with LMFAO. I’d say something like a solo performance on a much larger scale than where my solo career is now. Clubs are fun but there are bigger things to tackle.

SV: Can you describe the feeling you get when looking out at a crowd of fans really getting into the music?

DJ Dainjazone: The feeling is empowering. When you have them right where you want them its amazing. They have to trust you. And you have to take them to a place that’s guaranteed to be an incredible experience. They will get their moneys worth when they’re in my hands. If they’re upset about drink prices then I can’t help them there. Haha.

SV: What nightclubs have the best Party Rock vibe here and across the globe?

DJ Dainjazone: We’ve branded ourselves very well in Vegas. Party Rock Mondays at Marquee might be the best club for the Party Rock vibe. Its like Halloween once a month. Party Rockers wear the most ridiculous pieces from their closet just for our monthly take overs. European clubs can’t be over looked either. I don’t remember all of them off the top but those faithful’s get into character as well. We’ve acquired a weekly residency at Privilege in Ibiza, Spain for July and August. This is the biggest club in the world. We’re calling it Party Rock Island. I imagine this place will be a Party Rock zoo.

SV: Can you talk more about your current gigs in Las Vegas – how long will they run?

DJ Dainjazone: Since I’m on tour with LMFAO the only residency I’ve been able to maintain is Party Rock Monday at Marquee. Before the world tour I was a resident at The Palms and Lavo. When I’m done touring ill get back to satisfying my residential commitment at all locations.

SV: How did you start Djing? What is your style/sound about?

DJ Dainjazone: I literally just decided one night I was going to wake up and invest in a cd mixer to DJ a party for my friend. I acquired all the proper tools as time went on.

My sound is one step ahead of what’s currently going on. Breaking new tracks and taking risks has contributed to my success. I don’t have a specific style. Why have one when you can own many? Keeping people on their toes is key. They won’t be on their toes if they know what to expect.

SV: What’s the toughest challenge you’ve faced as a DJ/or while becoming a DJ and what advice can you give to aspiring DJs?

DJ Dainjazone: I don’t create one challenge to be bigger than the other so its tough to say which one is the biggest. Getting to where I am now was a challenge on its own. I look back at when I used to DJ B and C caliber Hollywood clubs. I’m so happy I’m out of that realm. It was fine and fun for that time but I’m glad I’m not there anymore.

Advice I’d give DJs is to be themselves. Own who you are and what you are then brand it. If that’s ambiguous and they’re looking for a key to success then I can’t help them. There are no keys, no magic pills, no boosters that can give you success. Some are born with a silver spoon in their mouth and some have to rely on sleepless nights, blood, sweat and tears.

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