With the recent craze surrounding erotic romance books—it’s no wonder that major publishing houses, such a Berkley, are catering to fans of the genre.  “Because You Are Mine” is a seven part serialized novel that goes against the grain of a typical book release. The story, by Beth Kery, centers on a talented graduate student, Francesca, and a handsome billionaire/art enthusiast, Ian.

Ian commissions an up-and-coming artist to create a centerpiece for the lobby of his skyscraper. What he doesn’t know is that he’s hired the future object of his desire. It isn’t until a party is thrown in Francesca’s honor that the two meet. From the moment the two see one another, it’s clear that a heated romance is imminent. They cannot be in the same room without exchanging soldering glances

When Ian first shows Francesca his collection of art, their chemistry permeates the air. It’s clear from the touching moment that their connection isn’t simply one of lust. Though they experience an enthralling physical desire for one another, they are also bound by a love of the art world.
Though Ian displays the typical traits of an erotic romance hero (sexy, wealthy, dominant), he is vulnerable in a way that most male leads aren’t. We are granted access to his most intimate moments—like when he takes time alone to thoughtfully fantasize about Francesca.

Francesca’s passion for her work is appealing. She’s an ambitious rising artist balancing a massive creative undertaking, side job, and education. The hectic nature of her daily life makes her relatable and easy to root for.

Though Kery is known for her wickedly raunchy writing, the first installment of “Because You Are Mine” is relatively tame. The descriptive writing allows the reader to appreciate the subtle interactions between the Francesca and Ian and delight in their passionate attraction to one another.

So do the two surrender to their powerful desires? Download “Because You Are Mine” to find out. The first installment is available now and follow-ups are set to be released every Tuesday for the next six weeks.

For more info on Beth Kery visit her official site. Purchase “Because You Are Mine” here.

Article written by: Justine Ashley Costanza
Journalist: International Business Times/Starpulse/Social Vixen/Moviehole