Poor Cara Delevingne got put in the hot seat by news anchors from the show, Good Day Sacramento!

After watching the video, I have to say that it seems like Cara was trying her best to make the most of a really awkward situation and it was the hosts who kept throwing shade her way – first, by introducing her as ‘Carla’, not ‘Cara’ and then by asking her if she read the book for her new movie, Paper Towns, to which Cara jokingly replies that she did not read the book or the script for the movie and just ‘winged it’.

Then, as if things weren’t already going poorly, the hosts make matters worse by commenting on Cara’s energy level and suggesting that Cara end the discussion early so she could take a nap or get a Red Bull. After some heavy eyebrow talk from Cara (seriously, that girl can say a lot with those fluffy brows), the same host who introduced Cara as Carla comments on how moody Cara is, while another news anchor comments that for the amount of money Cara makes, she should give some more “oomph” in her interviews.

Um, wtf!? #TeamDelavingne

Cara’s response to the interview on Twitter: