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Looking to take your Summertime parties up a notch?

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Add nice cold punch to your party-goer’s drinks with P.O.G. juice. (POG stands for Passion-Orange-Guava).  Tracking down  P.O.G. may not be the easiest thing to do – Once you’ve got your hands on it, juicing your party up another level is as simple as adding it to a glass of coconut rum.  It’s guaranteed to make your Tiki torches flare up with envy as it becomes the new highlight of your backyard luau! – guest contributor jk

Tropical Drink

Tropical Drink

POG is a tropical style juice drink created by the Hawaiian Haleakala Dairy in the 1970’s.  It is a blend of passionfruit, orange and guava fruit juices, and using the first letter in each fruit, it’s been called P.O.G.  POG is still produced today in Hawaii and available in several sizes in local Hawaiian stores.

Another version of this cocktail uses Pineapple in place of Passionfruit, and can be made into a delicious adult drink using Skyy Infusion Pineapple vodka.