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Honu Restaurant in Maui-DSC08040

Honu Restaurant in Maui

Fresh off of our whale watching tour, we headed over to Honu Restaurant in Maui - a spot recommended by our tour guides on the boat. "If you only order one thin...
Humpback whale tour maui hawaii december 2016-DSC07296

Humpback Whales in Maui

One of the things I really wanted to do on this trip was go on the whale watching tour in Maui. I've gone on whale watching tours before in New England, but ...

One Day in Kauai, Part 1

If the rocking of the boat kept me awake last night, I didn't notice. This morning, I woke up super early and went out to the balcony while it was still dark ou...
Bonzai Sushi in Honolulu-oDSC05718

Bonzai Sushi in Honolulu

After spending some time exploring the beaches on the North Shore, we decided to stop at Bonzai Sushi for lunch. Hawaii is known for having some of the best ...
volcano national park-DSCN0127

Volcano National Park

Volcano National Park in Hilo, Hawaii. Wow, what a cool experience - to see an active volcano with red hot magma bubbling in it's crater! We also got to hike...
Star Princess Cruise to Hawaii-DSC04845

Cruise to Hawaii

Right now, I am on cloud nine. We started the day off with an amazing breakfast at the hotel, followed by a delicious lunch at Leo's Mexican Restaurant, before ...