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I’ve been wanting to go to Niagra Falls for a while now and so when my gram suggested we do a road trip there with one of my aunts, I definitely thought it was a great idea! So, we dusted off our passports, packed up the car and headed North making the 7 hour trek to Canada. We broke up the trip by spending a night in Geneva, NY where we had dinner at the Belhurst Castle – a really beautiful restaurant with lake view seating and lots of royal charm.

The next morning, we woke up early and made a pitstop at the Frank Lloyd Wright’s Martin Complex where we took a one hour tour of the architecturally significant landmark before braving the pouring rain and making the rest of the drive over the border. Once we crossed through the checkpoint at the end of the Peace Bridge, we checked into a two bedroom suite on the 26th floor of the Hilton Hotel – with a floor to ceiling view, facing both of the Falls! At night, we got the perfect front-row-seat of the Falls changing colors, as well as a¬†bird’s eye view of the fireworks display – it was absolutely breathtaking.

The view changed again as the sun rose the next morning, creating a beautiful backdrop of pink and blue…

After checking out of the hotel and getting breakfast, we were hoping to take a boat ride by the falls – the one where you need to wear rain coats because you get so close to the water that you will definitely get wet. Unfortunately, the line for tickets and entry to the boat was over three hours long and the sun was beating down. I had the brilliant idea to book a VIP tour online, where we could bypass the line, but my phone had no service and the ONE¬†Starbucks that was within walking distance had no wi-fi. NO WIFI!!! Crazy, right? Something about being privately owned, etc. etc. Blah, blah, blah…

Sipping my iced machiatto did cool me off, however, so at least there was that.

While we didn’t get to go on the boat ride, as hoped, we did enjoy a nice leisurely walk with stunning, close up views and we took LOTS of pictures.

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