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On Sunday, March 4 photographer extraordinaire, Jane Kratochvil and I went to Parsons the New School for Design’s Midtown campus to see Fusion, a fashion show that features designs from twenty-nine freshman and sophomores who all go to either Parsons or the Fashion Institute of Technology.

The show, which has been produced for twelve years now, was judged by Todd Thomas, creative consultant at Victoria’s Secret; Joshua McKinley, runner up on season nine of Project Runway; Carole Hochmann, a women’s intimates designer; Fabiola Arias, womenswear designer plus winner of the 2011 Fashion Group International Rising Star Award, and Teen Vogue.

Below are some of my favorite looks from the show and the names of the talented, emerging designers who created them.

Some of our favorites from the show included this blue dress from Sarah Hoopes, a nineteen-year-old sophomore at Parsons.

Another favorite was this look from Sahar Fotouhi, a twenty-seven-year-old sophomore at Parsons who is originally from Tehran in Iran.

(c) 2012 Jane Kratochvil

I also really liked this menswear jacket from Pauline Choi, a twenty-five-year-old sophomore at the New School.

(c) 2012 Jane Kratochvil

This look from Yunan Wang, a nineteen-year-old sophomore at Parsons really impressed me.

(c) 2012 Jane Kratochvil

Charles Haddad, a twenty-two-year-old sophomore from the Fashion Institute of Technology, certainly stood out from the pack with this look, but I’m not really sure where this girl is going; maybe a Harry Potter book signing?

(c) 2012 Jane Kratochvil

I also really liked this look from Richard Gray, an eighteen year old Freshman at the Fashion Institute of Technology.

(c) 2012 Jane Kratochvil

Dana Im, a twenty-three-year-old sophomore at the Fashion Institute of Technology originally from South Korea also stood out from the pack; I think maybe she’ll be the first designer for NPFW–(North Pole Fashion Week.)

(c) 2012 Jane Kratochvil

Finally, we really liked this look from Danielle Ridarick, a twenty-one year old who is in her fifth semester at Fashion Institute of Technology, and participated in fusion two years in a row.

(c) 2012 Jane Kratochvil

Ultimately, the judges felt that best designers were Julien Archer from Parsons and San Kang from the Fashion Institute of Technology; Overall, the judges felt that the designs from Parsons the New School for Design were superior to those from the Fashion Institute of Technology.

You can check out my full video from the show on YouTube.


Part 1: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=zbuS8StSU2s

Part2: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=bsAv3aA-r0w


Part 3: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=e59SUJ_j5Hg