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What I’ll be missing tonight in lieu of riding shotgun through the Northern States…

Tonight’s Episode: NY Stakes & LA Quakes!

XOX Betsey Johnson will be showing the fourth episode of the season this evening on the Style Network! In this episode, Betsey rushes to find 30 models for an East Coast fashion show, while at the same time squeezing in a personal appearance on the other end of the country.

XOXO Betsey Johnson Style Network

One of my favorite Betsey Johnson party quotes: 

A great party is based on four things: champagne, great music, great mix of people, and the best party dresses ever…I’m a champagne girl. It’s a happy drink. I like the bubbles. I just need a little glass of champagne to become happy and energized. I also like the celebratory feel of champagne. I love to toast! ~The Style Network

Me too Betsey, me too!  ;-p