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Review: Hilton Garden Inn, Preston Connecticut

Ever since catching the Poker bug in Puerto Rico, I’d been wanting to attend a table tournament so I could get a feel for the atmosphere of a live poker room and take notes on how things are done – table etiquette, etc.

With the 2014 World Champion of Poker title up for grabs, Foxwoods Casino hosted a satellite tournament, with a few lucky winners scoring a seat in Las Vegas and ultimately, the chance to win the $10 million first prize. Last month, I decided to head out to Foxwoods and watch some of the action in play.

a-Hilton Garden Inn Preston CT-1-DSC06990

Since I was going to be in the area, I decided to accept an offer to review the Hilton Garden Innlocated in Preston Connecticut, which is less than two miles away from Foxwoods.

HGI is owned by the same entrepreneur who owns the Bellissimo Grande Hotel, which I reviewed a couple of years ago. Both are great properties that cost about half of what you’d expect to pay at the casino’s hotels. Additionally, both Bellissimo Grande and the Hilton Garden Inn have plenty of amenities (listed below) and a staff of hospitable employees who strive to make your stay a great experience.

Walking into the lobby, it’s clear that the interior design reflects the ‘Garden’ part of the hotel’s name. The lobby is bright and welcoming with many indoor plants and hanging garden lights. There is a table set up with iced lemon water and cookies, and a sign hangs behind the check in desk that reads: “a garden’s path can take you anywhere…”  

The attention to detail does not stop there.

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Katy Perry to Perform at Mohegan Sun on July 7th

Great news people – Katy Perry will be performing at Mohegan Sun in Connecticut on July 7th as part of “The Prismatic World Tour“.

With several concerts already under her Swarovski studded belt, Katy is getting great reviews from fans who’ve previously attended – which is always a good sign! Reviewers are saying that she’s on time, the opening act is worth showing up for and that you really get a great show for your money. In fact, with over 2,000 reviews on TicketMaster, Katy’s concerts have a four and a half star rating – that’s really good!


Also, I’ve watched some videos that fans uploaded from the Prismatic Tour and the visuals are awesome – I’m talking top notch light effects, glowing costumes and props, amazing stage performers with aerial acrobatics, and even a stage that moves, reshapes and drives home the powerful PRISM theme of the show!

Capital Cities will be opening for Katy’s Mohegan Sun performance and in case you don’t know who they are, they’re the group who sings that song Safe and Sound - you’ve probably heard it before -it’s goes like this: “I could lift you up. I could show you what you wanna see and take you where you wanna be. You could be my luck. Even if the sky is falling down, I know that we’ll be safe and sound“. If that’s not ringing a bell, then this link will bring you to their YouTube video. Although I don’t know too much about Capital Cities, they seem to be a pretty cool group with an artistic approach to their work – a quirky, but perfect fit for Katy Perry!

Here’s the link to the official page on Mohegan Sun where you can learn more about the show and/or purchase tickets.

#SummerForever Contest (Win a $500 Gift Card)

If you want to win some cool summer swag from Forever 21 and you have, or are willing to create, a Pinterest account, then this is a great contest for you! Forever 21 is gifting one lucky Pinner a $500 gift card so they can amp up their summer wardrobe – just in time for the picnics, parties, beach day getaways and festivals.  More information and links after the ‘read more’ button…

Forever21 Pinterest contestaForever21 Pinterest contest


2014 FIFA World Cup: Ultimate Travel Guide

I reviewed Party Brazil Phrasebook a few months ago, but wanted to do another post since the 2014 World Cup is coming up and this little book really is the perfect addition to the games!

As far as pocket guides go, this one is fun because it not only offer plenty of interesting facts about Brazil and the history of soccer there, but additionally the authors are not afraid to approach risque topics that will have you “cheering, dancing, drinking and celebrating with the diehard fans of the game”.

Plus, it’s super lightweight and fits easily into a bag – see the pic below, it’s smaller than a coconut!

Coconut brazil phrasebook_20140316_190811a

Photo taken at Isla Verde, Puerto Rico.

Whether you’re watching the games at a sports-bar, hosting a viewing party, or heading to Brazil with your friends, Party Brazil Phrasebook will help take your experience to the next level.

The first four chapters are dedicated to trivia facts about Brazil and futebol and then from there on in, the book takes a pleasurable turn into party mode with fun, up-to-date, party slang and tips to help you enjoy the world’s biggest party!

So what else is inside?

Flight –> San Juan to Connecticut

San Juan to Connecticut_20140316_190811a

Mai Tais and Hammocks at Sirena Restaurant

Today was another lazy afternoon spent enjoying tropical concoctions by the beach….

I know, I know… life is hard, right?

Sirena Restaurant Puerto Rico Courtyard Mariott-DSC05876

Sirena Restaurant is just down the street from our Isla Verde apartment and because of it’s beach side location, we really like to come here for breakfast, lunch, dinner, or even just to enjoy some drinks while soaking in a view of the water. In par with it’s totally laid back vibe, there are couches to lounge on and even the (2nd) best thing ever – hammocks!

Music Video: Iggy Azalea “Change Your Life”

Every so often I come across a song that really grips me to the point where I become obsessed. “Change Your Life” by Iggy Azalea (feat T.I.) is one of those songs/moments.

How it happened: I just finished watching her video “Fancy” on YouTube  – currently #2 on Billboard’s Hot 100 List” and a fun watch – basically a remake of the movie Clueless”.

“Change Your Life” was the song that came on right after “Fancy” and I was hooked. Not only do I really like the song, but I also love all of the Las Vegas references in the music video – such a great combo for me!

Iggy Azalea Change Your Life-3a

The concept: Iggy Azalea plays the part of a flashy Las Vegas dancer with much bigger plans in life (think private islands and mansions). The owner of the club where she works is T.I., the high roller in every aspect – fancy clothes, expensive cars, and major swagger. The two combine their hustle, so to speak, and form a Bonnie and Clyde-esque partnership.

The intro starts off with some intense lyrics (rap) and beats, but then progresses into a super catchy melody. [warning: will get stuck in your head] [warning #2: the video below is the explicit version].