Road Trip –> Venice to Nova Gorica, Slovenia

drive from venice to slovenia

Flight –> New York City to Venice, Italy

flight from ny to venice

Road Trip –> Connecticut to Plymouth, Massachusetts

Roadtrip from CT to Plymouth Mass

Flight –> Las Vegas to Connecticut

Flight from las vegas to connecticut

High Roller – The New Attraction In Las Vegas!

Ever since I was a little girl, the allure of a circus appealed to me – especially at night! I’ve always felt there was something magical about the bright lights, the flashy games, and of course the rides (no wonder I love Las Vegas so much!) When it comes to rides, one of my absolute favorites is the Ferris Wheel and as far as I’m concerned, the bigger, the better!

When I went to London this past summer, one of the coolest experiences was getting to see the London Eye, the giant Ferris Wheel by the Thames River. One of the reasons I think the Ferris Wheel is so great is because it gives you a bird’s eye view of the world around you. So…when I found out that Las Vegas would be opening up what is currently the tallest Ferris Wheel in the world (550 feet at the top), I couldn’t have been more excited to get on board!

High Roller Ferris Wheel In Las Vegas-DSC08737

The High Roller is not only Las Vegas’ newest attraction, but is in my opinion one of the best attractions on the Strip. Whether you ride at night, or during the day, you will definitely get a unique view of Las Vegas that is pretty amazing. The High Roller is perfect for families, a romantic date, or even as a pre party experience. Each cabin can fit quite a few people, however can also be rented out for private events.

Should you choose to do so, you can also request a cabin that is equipped with a full bar and bar service, orderves and if you like, you can arrange for special requests (what a great idea for a wedding proposal!!!) Even if you don’t get one of the bar pods, you can order drinks at the bar located at the base of the Ferris Wheel – you will not have any problems bringing your drink with you while you ride. Additionally, each cabin has several television screens that provide information about the sights around you as you ride.

Below are additional photos from my High Roller experience. For more information, or to purchase tickets, please visit the High Roller official website.

Flight –> Connecticut to Las Vegas

Flight LV-CTd

Day Trip: Berry Park in Brooklyn

Tonight, JC and I decided to head into Brooklyn to have a few drinks with some friends who are in town for the week. Berry Park, named for it’s location on Berry Street in Brooklyn, is a local brewery that was established in 2009. It’s got a bit of a hipster vibe with a fun crowd looking to enjoy the pub’s rooftop bar with over a dozen local brews on tap and awesome views of the City.

Berry Park in Brooklyn_20140704_210620

In addition to a variety of small batch beers, Berry Park also has a menu that made me nostalgic of my trip to Eastern Europe: Bavarian pretzels with a spicy mustard dipping sauce, Bratwurst with sauerkraut, and Currywurst with fries were just a few of the options that reminded me of meals I ate during my trip to Germany last year.

Tip: If you’re heading to Berry Park, get there early in order to secure seats for your party or you’ll be stuck standing while you eat - this place gets crowded! Also, don’t even think of trying to order a regular beer (IE: Bud Light), unless you want the bartender to scoff at you for having such “bad taste”!

Overall a fun place, with a cool outdoor atmosphere and good food. Pics below…

Day Trip: Six Flags New England

Yesterday, I made use of my Six Flags annual pass by visiting the theme park’s New England location in Agawam, Massachusetts. It was the perfect day, weather wise for soaking in the sun and enjoying the rides, games, and of course all the junk food that goes hand in hand with theme parks – cotton candy, candy apples, fried fish & chips, and even a few cold beers!

In addition to going on all the thrill rides, I really enjoyed walking around the park and taking pics. It’s amazing how far roller coasters have come since their modest beginning. Once made of all wood, these coasters have advanced to steel rails that launch you into the air, higher than could have been imagined in their earlier days – and certainly with far more turns and gravity defying loops!

Pics below…