Travel Day: Flight from NYC to San Antonio, Texas

map nyc to san antonio

Travel Day: Flight to New York City

Although I’m sad to be leaving Europe, I’m super excited to be back in the United States. The last two months have been a wonderful experience; I’ve met some incredible people and I’ve had the chance to explore some really beautiful parts of Europe including Slovenia, Northern Italy, Switzerland, France, and Monaco. Of course, I will be writing much more detailed experiences on each, but for now, I have a flight to catch – see you on the East Coast!

map venice to nyc

Day Trip: Monte Carlo, Monaco

Since we are staying in Nice, France, JC and I decided that it would be fun to check one more country off of our ‘must see’ list and so we hopped in our rental car and made the (short) trek to Monte Carlo, in Monaco.

Drive to Monte Carlo, Monaco from Nice, France-DSC05573

Although the drive according to Google Maps is only about 30 minutes long, it took us about an hour to get there since we pulled over on a few occasions to take photos – (pics below). The drive from Nice to Monte Carlo was breathtaking and at times, also a little scary – a winding road, far above the coastline, and only a low bearing guardrail to prevent you from tumbling over should you swerve!

Thankfully we made it there and back safely and enjoyed the perfect day trip exploring the views of the city, the yacht club (with all the beautiful boats), the historical buildings (including a casino), and of course some of the shops!

European Road Trip: Marseille –> Nice, France

Marseille to Nice, France Road Trip

Iggy Azalea and Nick Young for Forever 21

I love me some Iggy Azalea! The 24 year old Australian rapper is the new face of Forever 21’s 2014 holiday collection, alongside boyfriend Nick Young. This makes me very happy! Click on the photo to see (and shop) the collection on Forever 21’s website

Iggy Azalea and Nick Young for Forever 21

European Road Trip: Annecy, France –> Marseille

annecy france to Marseille Road Trip

European Road Trip: Saint Vincent, Italy –> Annecy, France

saint vincent italy to annecy france

European Road Trip: Mendrisio to Saint Vincent, Italy

If I had to pick a theme song for the drive from Mendrisio, Switzerland to Saint Vincent, Italy, it would definitely be “The Long and Winding Road” by the Beatles!

The drive we took was full of twists and turns, long tunnels, tall bridges, and plenty of photo-worthy back drops!

Mendrisio to Sain Vincent-DSC02365

Although we had been to Saint Vincent prior to visiting Mendrisio, we wanted to go back and explore some more of the town and surrounding areas. Saint Vincent is truly a picturesque town with lots of little shops, restaurants, and friendly locals. It is also a great destination for skiing during the winter months (we hope to go back again for this reason).

While in Saint Vincent, we stayed at two hotels: The BEST WESTERN PLUS Hotel Alla Posta and the Grand Hotel Billia, rated #1 and #2 consecutively on TripAdvisor. Both hotels were very nice and I will write separate reviews on each. I will also be posting a review of the Casino de la Vallee, which is attached to the Grand Hotel Billia and a beautiful casino to play at if you’re in the area.

Photos from our drive after the jump…