Travel Day: Flight from NYC to San Antonio, Texas

map nyc to san antonio

Travel Day: Venice to New York City

Although I’m sad to be leaving Europe, I’m super excited to be back in the United States. The last two months have been a wonderful experience; I’ve met some incredible people and I’ve had the chance to explore some really beautiful parts of Europe including Slovenia, Northern Italy, Switzerland, France, and Monaco. Of course, I will be writing much more detailed experiences on each, but for now, I have a flight to catch – see you on the East Coast!

map venice to nyc

Day Trip: Monte Carlo, Monaco

Since we are staying in Nice, France, JC and I decided that it would be fun to check one more country off of our ‘must see’ list and so we hopped in our rental car and made the (short) trek to Monte Carlo, in Monaco.

Drive to Monte Carlo, Monaco from Nice, France-DSC05573

Although the drive according to Google Maps is only about 30 minutes long, it took us about an hour to get there since we pulled over on a few occasions to take photos – (pics below). The drive from Nice to Monte Carlo was breathtaking and at times, also a little scary – a winding road, far above the coastline, and only a low bearing guardrail to prevent you from tumbling over should you swerve!

Thankfully we made it there and back safely and enjoyed the perfect day trip exploring the views of the city, the yacht club (with all the beautiful boats), the historical buildings (including a casino), and of course some of the shops!

Exploring a local grocery store…

1. Every type of cheese your heart could possibly desire!

Food in France_20141031_170220

European Road Trip: Marseille –> Nice, France

driving to nice france from Marseille-DSC05253

Marseille to Nice, France Road Trip

Happy Halloween (from France)!

My original plan was to do a really cool nail polish post, but I forgot my spider stencils at home! So instead, I decided to take some pictures that make France look scary – like the one below! Happy Halloween everyone!

France Halloween-DSC05208

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Beach Thieves in Marseille, France

Back in February, I wrote about an encounter I had with two beach thieves in Isla Verde, Puerto Rico. This morning, I once again had a run in with beach thieves, though this time in Marseille, France and this time, with non humans (no, I don’t mean zombies).

sea gull marseille, France-05006

How it all went down: I had just prepared myself a nice breakfast from the buffet at Pullman Hotel and settled into a table on the patio, overlooking the Mediterranean Sea. Enjoying the moment, I decided that I wanted to take a photo and so I stood up to frame the shot. When I stepped away from the table, a brave seagull saw the opportunity and swooped in, stealing as much of my breakfast as he could grab, with both his beak and feet, throughout the two second heist. During the robbery, the feathered villain even knocked over my orange juice.

They look so innocent…don’t let them fool you!

Photo above – fresh plate of food, orange juice still all over the table, and look who’s lurking in the background already scoping out his next plan of attack!

Not this time Mr. Seagull, not this time!

Deliciously good breakfast photos after the jump…

Tonight we are falling asleep to this…

We just checked into the Pullman Hotel (Palm Beach) in Marseille, France and our room couldn’t get much better: the bed is super comfy and our balcony overlooks the Mediterranean Sea! I have a feeling that we will be eating dinner outside tonight and falling asleep to the sound of the water…

Pullman Hotel Marseille France-DSC04966

View from our balcony…Pullman Hotel Marseille France-DSC04975

More photos of our room below…